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Other Works

Christmas For The Kiddos, Vol. 1

I have 10 nieces and nephews and being the poor musician that I am, instead of buying them all christmas gifts, I decided to give them the gift of .*~Music~*. Christmas For The Kiddos, vol. 1 is a selection of songs that I recorded with the intention of them being sing-along tracks that my nieces and nephews could listen to every year and (hopefully) grow to love. I hope you enjoy them too! Happy Holidays!


Artists: Gustav Holst, David Bowie, Elton John, Imagine Dragons

Pieces: The Planets (1916), Space Oddity (1969), Rocket Man (1972), Letters From the Sky (2010), Radioactive (2012)

Arrangers: Timothy Rosko, Jane Bryant, Leia Goodpaster

Musical Groups: Belmont University Chamber String Orchestra, University Singers, Women's Choir

Conductor: Jane Warren

Location: McAfee Concert Hall

Date of Performance: April 14, 2013

More Music (Earlier than 2015)

I wrote this piece as the main theme for a Game Jame game titled The Fallen. The game was centered around legendary swords and weapons and I wanted to center the music in the same way. So I used sounds of swords and weapon hits to create the underlying beat.

This music is from the game Press Up which I worked on during the Pittsburgh Global Game Jam in January 2015. Press Up won the Judge's Choice Award. Check out the game on the Global Game Jam website here:

Oh Treasure is a networked multi-player iOS game developed by 4 students at Carnegie Mellon University. I was asked to create medieval sounding music that was both playful and competitive.  I also recorded voice overs and sound effects for the game.  The music was created using Logic Studio Pro.

Star Stone is an introductory companion app experience that enables new players to fully engage in tabletop RPG Starter Sets without cracking a rulebook. We divided our app into different Acts based on the players understanding and level of comfort with the game. Check out our project website

Slot Car Island is a racing game designed for families to play on their television using a tablet or smartphone device created by Team Fenix at the ETC in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) at Entertainment Arts. I was brought onto the project to create original music and sound design for the game.  The music was created using Garage Band 10 and later mixed in Logic Pro.

Flying Squirrel Delivering A Pizza...Game is a 3-dimensional flying game for the Occulus Rift and Playstation Move systems. A young flying squirrel is delivering a pizza (go with it).  On his way he must collect the missing ingredients and deliver the pizza in time!  The music is orchestral and gives the sensation of flying.  Created with Cubase.

Morality Play is a transmedia experience created by Team Cheshire at the ETC that explores the issues of privacy, security, and the NSA.  I was brought on to the project to create music for two interactive scenes. The music was created using Garageband 10 and later mixed in Logic Pro.

81 Monsters is a card collecting game utilizing QR codes, a cellular web application, and an audience interaction server to showcase the students of the Fall 2013 Building Virtual Worlds class. This music was created using Cubase and was used for the main menu of the digital component of the game.

Bwoops! is a game for the Xbox Kinect system that utilizes gesture recognition to allow the player to dynamically use both hands to create wormholes in space to transport the Bwoops to safety. There are multiple tracks here for the various cues in the game.  These electronic tracks were created using Cubase.

This is the score for a student film project at the Nashville Film Institute.  Hair explores the complex relationship between a woman's hair and her self-identity.  This piano score was recorded using Logic Studio.

Lift is a 2-dimensional side-scroller game for the Leap Motion system. In Lift, the player must gently carry a small dandelion seed through a series of obstacles by creating small gusts of wind with their hands.  The music was created using Cubase and uses orchestral virtual instruments.

This East-meets-West track was done in collaboration with my classmate Adarshkumar Pavani at the ETC.  Embracing traditional Indian musical elements, this piece was a reflection on our adventure module at the ETC.  This was created in Cubase using the HALion One Virtual Instruments. 

Snow is an original orchestral track that was created using Logic Studio.  The music invokes the feeling of a snowy, wintry scene for a game.

Choral Elements is an exploration of the expressive cababilities of an a cappella choir without the use of lyrics.  There are 3 movements recorded, 1. "Air" 2. "Water" 3. "Earth"

Performed by the Wedgewood Summer Chorale under the direction of Patrick Dunnevant.

Soloists: "Air" -- Abbey Francis; "Earth" -- Tim Rosko

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