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A Cappella Arrangements


"Adventure - A Cappella"

Original composition by:  Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland
Arranged, performed, and mixed by:  Tim Rosko
Photos by:  Soren Laulainen

from TESSERACT: An Acoustic Fez Album by the Materia Collective, released July 21st, 2017

"Undertale - A Cappella"

Composed by: Toby Fox

Arranged by: Tim Rosko
Voice and Vocal Percussion: Tim Rosko
Mixed by: Tim Rosko

from FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute by the Materia Collective, released September 15, 2016

"Stop The Clock" by Elle Varner

The Beltones at Belmont, November 2013

"I Know You Know" by Esperanza Spalding

Session, March 2013

"I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz

The Beltones at Belmont, November 2012

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Jazzkaban"

Jones A Cappella, October 2012

Vocal Arranging Reel

 Vocal Arranging Reel 2013

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