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I Expect You To Die: First Class
Voice Over Editor

I Expect You to Die is a virtual reality (VR) escape-the-room puzzle game that lets you step into the world of an elite secret agent. In ‘First Class,’ agents are whisked away on a luxury train for a little respite from their typical spy duties. This vacation will take them to Shimla, high in the mountains of India. On the way they will enjoy majestic views and first class service, while meeting interesting people and savoring exotic delicacies. Everything should go according to plan...or not.

For this DLC Update, I directed, recorded, and edited all the voice over, with a special appearance by voice actress Fryda Wolff. In the original IEYTD, the player is guided by a voice in their ear. One of the core design elements for this update was the idea of having two voices in your ears, one per ear. This effect is particularly potent in the VR headset, with the two voices hard panned into each ear. I also created all the audio assets in the new level and recorded foley for many of the objects you can interact with. I also composed a few new music tracks for the level, including an easter egg Polish rock song.


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