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Mission: Deep Discovery
Voice Over Editor

Mission: Deep Dive is a multi-player interactive experience created for the SeaWorld San Diego park. Four players explore the deep ocean by collaboratively controlling a remotely operated vehicle. As they explore, these players are able to see creatures in their natural habitat, take pictures, and collect samples of the deep sea environment.

I composed an original score for this experience as well as recorded and edited all the sound effects. I also recorded and edited the voice over for the characters and mixed everything together on directional speakers to be used in an outdoor theme park experience. This experience had a lot of dialogue that was important to the players both for playing the game and for Sea World's educational goals. Since the installation was outside at a theme park, we used directional speakers to focus the sound toward the players. I focused the mixing to really support the clarity of the dialogue so that no player would be lost and the important information would be heard. Finding the right balance between the sound design, voice over, and music (and environmental sounds) was the true challenge.

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