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50 Bad Songs Podcast

50 Bad Songs is a podcast that is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of transforming ideas into music and lyrics.

Why are you writing 50 bad songs?

They say that for every top-charting, radio-hit song there are countless songs that don't quite make the cut. Some even say it is a requirement for songwriters that the first 50 songs you write will inevitably be bad. I have decided to commit myself to writing those first 50 bad songs. Listen in as we make our way through the weird, the painfully corny, and the truly unlistenable parts of the songwriting process. Listen to our struggle as we try our best to practice letting ourselves be 'bad' in order to get better. By removing the self-imposed pressure to write a ‘good’ song, we allow ourselves the freedom to write any song. And by writing song after song, eventually, we will get better. It is only by writing that we can get better at writing.

What is an episode of the podcast like?

Each episode, I will have a conversation with a guest and from our conversation we will find the seeds of an idea that will become the basis of a new song that we will write together. You will hear us take a kernel of an idea, dig in deep and try to craft lyrics and music. At the end of each episode, you will hear a recorded 'demo' of the song we have crafted--not necessarily a radio-ready track, but a demonstration of what the song could sound like in the end. Our songs range in style from tender piano ballads to 90s discotheque HITS and cover topics like personal growth, FOMO, and ~the summer sun~.

Hopefully by listening to this podcast, you will be inspired to find your own way to write songs, create music, or try something new you’ve always wanted to try! 

As well as writing songs, I do all the recording, editing, and music production on each episode. I also do the planning, scheduling, and management of the show. It's a lot! Hopefully someday we will be able to hire some additional help!

Listen to the podcast on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, or wherever else you listen to podcasts. The songs from the first two seasons can be heard below. If you'd like to support 50 Bad Songs, please go check out our patreon at

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