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Tim Rosko is a composer, audio designer, voice over artist, and singer based in Los Angeles, CA. Tim creates exciting music and immersive audio designs for everything from engaging video games to interactive theme park exhibits to innovative virtual reality experiences and can even be heard as the voice of Mo the Monster. Tim collaborates with directors, podcasters, songwriters, educators, and performers composing original works and arrangements for piano, string quartet, choir, jazz band, and much more. Tim is the creator and host of the podcast 50 Bad Songs which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

Tim has been a singer and performer his whole life. Most recently, he can be heard singing the hook for the NAPA Auto Parts national campaign. He has also been spotted performing with Nashville-based choirs Sonus and Portara, at the Nashville Jazz Workshop, in the Super Smash Opera at the Music and Gaming Festival, and in musical improv at the Arcade Comedy Theater, while also adding his voice to the classical and contemporary a cappella music scene in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and beyond!


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